Smart Research is a marketing research company that specializes in digital research using innovative methods and technology like eye-tracking, bio-metrics, NFC and QR code, founded in 2008 from managers that have been active in this area on consultancy for many years.

We are the unique market research institute in Italy that use random recruitment in web surveys. Primary focus of activities is on online ad hoc quantitative research, offering a broad portfolio of capabilities, and leveraging random sampling techniques.

Our mission is to provide our clients with first class’s online research at a competitive price and high quality.


Advisory board

The Smart Research Advisory Board gives advice to the SR Directorate on all technical and strategic issues that occur during the operation of the SR. The Advisory Board has a dual role: an internal role to assist in and advise on the developments that take place within SR, and an external role to liaise with the stakeholder community and the business community.

Bruno Sfogliarini: He worked for 13 years in ACNielsen Italy , where he held the positions of Director of Studies and Added Value Services Manager . He was community manager of the FIAT group. He worked in the consulting division of IMS Health as Principal Country for Italy . He’s a private consultant , specializing in predictive studies of sales and customer segmentation.
From 1998 to 2005 he was an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Statistics, University of Milan Bicocca State University, where he taught courses in statistical models of economic behavior and forecasting methods. He currently teaches the courses of Statistics, Analysis and Market Research at the Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising at the Free University of Language and Communication IULM.


Nicola Pellegrini: President and Founder at Smart Research. Previously he was International Client Director in Nielsen (from1989 to 2001), Marketing Director in a PR agency Twister Group (2004 to 2007),and Managing Director in a market research company: Qmark.

Roberto Isolda

Giovanni Salvadori: