Random Recruitment on the Web

In order to guarantee a high quality of research using the Internet, we feel it is necessary to overcome the weaknesses inherent in the widespread use of the “access panel” in internet.
Such success can only result by guaranteeing random recruitment and furthermore that internet users volunteer to take part in this research (and therefore this is not dependent on them winning a prize).
Only because of their profound understanding of the internet and long term experience of this sector Smart Research is able to put in place this level of web marketing and to realise the objectives, in terms of the target audience, set by our clients.


Web Marketing

Web marketing is the ensemble of all these elements used to give internet visibility to a product, service or promotion.
Amongst the numerous instruments available we have chosen to use predominantly DEM (direct email marketing) to communicate our searches. This form of advertising communication offers the following advantages:

  • Lower cost for a single contract;
  • Detailed result monitoring;
  • The possibility to personalise.

Under certain conditions it may be useful to communicate the offer to participate in our research via a newsletter (of editorial or in-house origin).
This type of initiative should only be undertaken in collaboration with editors able to provide a wide range of web users..