The company

Smart Research was founded in 2008 in partnership with TradeLab by Nicola Pellegrini, leveraging a long experience in the area of market research and marketing consultancy. The closeness to the academic world has allowed us to develop innovative research techniques and methodologies such as Eye Tracking and Bio-metrics as well as perfecting the online research methodology.


Today the company is led by its creator, Nicola Pellegrini, who, following the evolution of the market and leveraging on previous experience in the field of statistical marketing modeling, have projected the institute in the field of data science dedicated to the needs of the marketing and top management.


We are veterans in the field of web research and in the use of new techniques and technologies applied to the world of market research.
We are involved in all types of quantitative research, from studies on concepts and products tests to customer satisfaction measurements, with a good measure of "creativity", taking advantage of multimedia and web interactivity. Besides this, we offer innovative research services that use Eye-Tracking technology for communications analysis, and Bio-Metrics for carrying out usability studies and more.


In the consulting area, we deal with data source integration, data quality control, data monitoring and construction of a directional reporting.
We mainly work with panel data (both retail and consumer) that we integrate with internal company data (Sell-in, stocks): today for leading companies being "data-driven" is a distinctive element that improves its competitiveness and beyond. In this way, we support strategic decisions through predictive statistical models, what-if analysis, and the construction of reports and dashboards for top management.


When you create a community, the people involved must feel part of what you are doing. It took us years to “retain” 40 thousand users by working “finely” on the duration and clarity of our surveys. Today, of many of them we know, not only the traditional socio-demographic variables, but also their greater or lesser propensity to purchase certain products/services or their responsiveness to promotions.


Registered to our community

Female (22.258)
male (18.658)
18-24 (1.013)
25-34 (4.050)
35-44 (10.758)
54-54 (9.607)
55-64 (6.248)
65+ (3.520)
Nielsen areas
AR1 (31%)
AR2 (17%)
AR3 (15%)
AR4 (37%)


Via Alfonso Lamarmora, 16
20122, Milano (MI) - Italy